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I just bought that today! Weird.

Such a good movie. So ridiculous.

He like scratched against a tree branch and turned to look at it, and thus didn’t notice the tree in front of him.

oh…well…that feels a bit silly

they probably could have delayed Stiles some other way.

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You MUST eat the raw cookie dough because it is more delicious than when baked. The danger makes it taste better.

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(now I want to eat raw cookie dough)

truthfully i totally ate some of the cookie dough. but mostly im just going all out on these cookies.


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Were there lights over the Arby’s?

I actually have no recollection of how I got there…I just remember driving with my friend and wanting fries. Then we were back home with Arby’s….wha-

(naw but that Arby’s was fucking far, I had to drive a bit for my curly fry fix, and it didn’t even have a tall arby’s sign. It was just that dinky side ground sign…so no lights)

I printed out a copy of your picture to hang on my wall and every time I look at it, it fills me with glee. Thank you so much!
+ rosewindow

Oh my gosh thank you! I’m so glad you liked it!


Just FYI, when I have a moment to think about what I want, I will totally be hitting you up for a commission!
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Baklava is so cute! Ok, um, have you done a daiquiri yet?
+ rosewindow


I made her a strawberry daiquiri cause I like those more.

For the fanfic thing: 5, 10, 16
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5. Apocalypse/Dystopia AU - oh gosh I have none of these in my bookmarks… so hey this could sorta count (Blue Sky - Chell/Wheatley), i guess it’s not an AU but Portal 2 does take place in a dystopian future.

10. High School/University AU - Inevitable Homoeroticism in Spanish Romantic Heroes (Dean/Cas) I enjoy imaging Dean as a grad student. It makes me happy inside.

16. Crossover/Fusion AU - Cross My Soul (Derek/Stiles) I REALLY LIKE DAEMON FICS…ALL THE DAEMON FICS  (pssst more daemon fics [x sherlock/john,] [x, arthur/eames], [x, dean/cas].

I’m guessing that Derek does not like salt & burns…

(Sorry it wasn’t the first request but studying man pshhhhhh. NO TIME FOR THAT! MONSTERS TO HUNT hoo ha)

 rosewindow said: OH MAN! Thank you for reminding me that I too have grapes. Grapes are awesome.

Grapes ARE awesome…but now i’m sad cause i ate all my grapes and now im out of grapes…